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Public Interest Litigation (P.I.L)

Public Interest Litigation (PIL) is directly filed by an individual or group of people in a court of law for the enforcement of public interest in which the public or class of the community have pecuniary interest or some interest by which their legal rights or liabilities are affected. A PIL is a power given to the public by the court. A PIL can be filed in any High Court or directly in the Supreme Court. A PIL can be filed in the courts for any matters of public interest like polluted environments, road safety or constructional hazards. Any matter where the interest of the public at large is affected can be redressed by filing an FIR.

Procedure for filing a Public Interest Litigation

Any individual who claims to hold the right of appearing before the court can file a caveat petition in these situations:

  • A PIL is filed in the same manner as a writ petition is filed either in the Supreme Court (Article 32) or in the High Court (Article 226).
  • Once you decide to file a PIL, collect all relevant information and documents to back your case.
  • An advocate will be fighting the case for you.
  • A court fee has to be affixed to the petition.

The proceedings in a PIL hearing are carried out in the same way as in another case irrespective of its nature.

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